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  Last updated: January 9, 2006
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April 6, 2006 - Greetings, I am finally able to update my site from my MAC, which means I can hopefully have more additions to this site year round.  In case you're wondering (probably not), things in Columbia, MO are going well.  I have been doing more broadcast related jobs this year at the local NPR affiliate, KBIA and at SISLTcast, the online radio station at the College of Education here at Mizzou.  I just returned from spring break, and had a wonderful time seeing Stacy for the week.  I had the chance to visit her at UIC, where she goes to school.  Over spring break, I submitted by internship application to Chicago Public Radio.  I am hoping to work for them over the summer.  I have about a month left of school, and am anxiously waiting to start sophomore year (don't ask why).  Other than that, nothing else to report.  Check back soon for some major updates.
-Sean Powers

January 9, 2006
- It's been a longtime since I've had an update.  I've been really busy for the past few months experiencing a world outside of Homewood, IL called Columbia, MO.  It is in Columbia where I attend the University of Missouri-Columbia.  I just completed my first semester, and have been hard at work (or hardly working) with my classes, various broadcasting and journalism projects, my portfolio, and creating brand new relationships with people.  In case any of you are wondering, Stacy and I are still together.  It has been over 2 years and 2 months since we have been together, and things have been great!  Sure the whole long distance thing has been a challange on our relationship, but we have been able to make it work. 
I really want to describe what I have been doing for the past several months in regards to my concentration, broadcast-journalism, but I feel it would be a lot easier to just send you to my recently created resume/portfolio website.  This has been my primary web page lately, and I have been adding to it on a regular basis.  You can access the site here.  This site has also been added to the sidebar on the left side of this page.
I sort of feel a little foolish.  I've been home on Winter Break for the past month, and have waited until now (I head back to school in 2 days) to make an update.  I was hoping to add tons of photos to this site, but just never got around to it.  Once I get a Windows computer (if I do), I'll be able to update this site at school.  Until then, it looks like I'll only be able to update when I visit home.  I promise to add tons of brand news pictures, information, and documents to this site when I come back in March...I SWEAR.  Until then, I wish you all the best of luck.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!