"My Confession"
By Sean Powers
December 2, 2003

Caught my breath

Stole my heart

Frozen in fear by the thought of being apart

You are my spring

You are my summer

Even though I don’t get cold,

You are my winter.

I love thinking about you.

I love being near you.

I love being with you.

I love…should I say it?

Well, I’ve taken many big steps in the past month.

Here’s another one.

Please don’t get mad,

But I love you.

You are the world to me.

I will always be here for you

In good times and bad.

I am your soldier

I will always fight for you.

I believe in you

I believe in us.

I know for me,

This is more than a crush.

So proud of you I am.

I guess this concludes this confession.

Did I mention I love you?

Twice is nice, three times is no crime.

Once again, take this lightly like a feather,

I love you.

Keep in my mind that more is to come.

For what is ahead is not planned.

I can only say this final thing,

“What makes me happy is ice cream

What makes me even more happy is Stacy…”

The rest is history as you so eloquently say…

…On that final note, I say, “Good day”