My full name is Sean Cassidy Powers.  My name is as Irish as a pint of Kilkenny's beer, but in fact I have as much Irish blood in me as a cancer stick has protein.  No, in fact I am a little Jewish, German, Russian, Polish, Austrian, Turkish, Catholic, and 100% American. I was born on December 15, 1986 in Chicago, IL, and raised in Homewood, IL. I'm currently a senior at Homewood-Flossmoor High School.  Next fall I will be studying broadcast-journalism at the University of Missouri-Columbia.  In my well populated town of Homewood some of the things I do to keep myself entertained are writing, reading, biking, running, listening to alternative rock music, watching movies and managing my radio show called Close Up on my high school's radio station, WHFH-FM.  My job for WHFH is station manager which basically entails managing the overall operation of the radio station.  I also manage WHFH's web site,  I also serve as the Internet Editor for my high school's newspaper The Voyager.

Besides having numerous interests, I am also a strong-hearted, passionate Democrat.  For WHFH, I have covered the most recent Presidential  and Senatorial Primaries and Election.  For my radio show, I have produced a wide-range of programs ranging from political specials to radio plays to historical programs to local news stories.  My very first radio documentary aired February 27, 2003.  The show covered the psycological effects of teenage women during pregnancy.  I created the program for my broadcasting class.  In order to pass the class, the documentary had to meet a 55:00 time length.  For more information on this program, go here

Besides having a love for Broadcast-Journalism, I also have a love for a girl named Stacy, who I have known for three years.

To read my resume, go here.

*=Pictures Below:
MOVIES: Magnolia, *Citizen Kane, Casablanca, Live From Baghdad, Fahrenheit 9/11, The Godfather, and Vanilla Sky
FOREIGN FILMS: *The Devil's Backbone, Life is Beautiful, Run Lola Run
ACTORS: *Sandra Bullock, *Marlon Brando, Johnny Depp, Nicole Kidman, James Cagney, Orson Welles
TV SHOWS: *Curb Your Enthusiasim, Dead Like Me, *Da Ali G Show, 24 and MSNBC investigative reports.
BANDS: *Dave Matthew's Band, *Bruce Springsteen, *John Mayer, *Vanessa Carlton, *Jewel, *Norah Jones, *Matchbox 20, The Beatles,
Tori Amos, Sting, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Michelle Branch, Jamie Chura, Coldplay, and Jason Mraz.
PLAY: The Wild Duck
AUTHOR & POET: Oscar Wilde
PLAYWRIGHT: *Henrik Ibsen
SPORTS: Running & Biking
SUBJECTS: Drama, English, & Broadcasting
QUOTES: "God spelled backwards is dog." 
"People who use metaphors ought to shampoo my crotch."
"I watched the weather this morning, but I didn't hear anything about a shit storm."
"Your nights will be filled with happiness and joy."
"Get on your knees and tell Alissa she smells like cheese."
"I smell bullshit"
PET: Dog
FOOD: Italian & Chinese (not people)
DESSERT: Taramisou
DRINK: water
PRESIDENTS: FDR, Harry Truman, Jimmy Carter, & Bill Clinton.                          
SENATOR: *Dick Durbin
MAYOR: Richard Daley
MONTH: December
SEASON: Summer
HOLIDAY: I hate all holidays
FORMER TEACHER: *Mr. Pavinato (Chemistry)
My current residence.  The place where every morning I wake up and eat my honey and oats.
The City of Chicago salutes you Streets and Sanitations Commisioner of Chicago: Al Sanchez
A story within a story.
Here's my beginning up until now...
Curb Your Enthusiasim
Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band
Sandra Bullock
Me before me
My beast Toto
Try not to fall asleep while reading this....
Dave Matthews Band
Henrik Ibsen
Marlon Brando
My Favorite Senator:    Dick Durbin
Norah Jones
John Mayer
Mr. Pavinato (my former Chemistry teacher) Go Pav!
Matchbox 20
Vanessa Carlton
Dave Matthews & Friends
My favorite foreign film:
"The Devil's Backbone"
Da Ali G Show
Articles About Me
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Homewood-Flossmoor Star

+March 15, 2001
Homewood-Flossmoor Star

+Ocrober 31, 2003
The Voyager

+July 11, 2004
Homewood-Flossmoor Star

Articles About Me
+September 8, 2004
Northwest Indiana Times

+December 17, 2004
The Voyager

+May 26, 2005
Homewood-Flossmoor Star