"Your Burden is Ours"
By: Sean Powers
March 24, 200

You say imperialism is giving to the weak Indian.

I say Imperialism is stealing from the weak Indian.

You make it seem so precious how you take our goods.

You make it seem so munificent how you educate some of our youth.

You try and cover up the secret slaughtering of our men.

I say imperialism is stealing from the Indian man.

All you want is power.

All we want is peace.

Your idea of peace is for you to have power over us.

You judge us when we are displeased with your generosity.

Your immorality is so sickening.

When one of your own acts immorally, you just look away.

Well the hell with you is what I say.

You say we are your burden,

But I say you are ours...