I walked her home and then kissed her like there was no tomorrow, and her face sparkled in the sunlight.  Then, I woke up. I used to think true love could only be found in dreams and dreams alone. Whenever someone would ask what I thought about love at first sight?  I'd say, "Love at first sight is one of those stupid things that are only around on TV," or so I thought.  That is of course before I actually experienced the purity of love at first sight.
It all started on a day not much different than any other.  After a long night of dreams dealing with a subject I know nothing about, love, I woke up.  My head pounded and my spine ached. I slept fitfully although I blamed my pains on the position of my body, as I lay asleep.  I got out of bed and staggered towards the bathroom in a wobbling, drunken fashion.  My aching body grieving for hot water finally got its wish as I turned on the shower.  The steaming water felt like a hot towel as it hit my face and soaked into my pores.  After my soothing shower, I got dressed and brushed my teeth.
I walked downstairs to get my things together for my daily run.  When I was ready, I headed towards the front door in my house and then stopped with my hand clutching the knob.  I had heard a sudden noise in the opposite direction.  The noise repeated, and I knew instantly someone was calling my house.  I rushed to the phone, and pressed the white, cold receiver against my mouth, and said, "Hello." Suddenly, I heard heavy breathing on the other line. My first impression was that someone was either prank calling or having a really good time on the other end of the line.  I repeated my greeting with a slight bit of anxiety, "Hello, is anyone there?"  Sweat ran down my cold, clammy face.  I was about ready to repeat my greeting for a third and final time when suddenly I heard the person on the other end speak, "Sean, it's Marlon, I got to tell you something beyond big."
"What, Marlon?" I responded with curiosity.
"Me and the gang [gang is his little sister who he had to watch] are going to go to the House of Hell in Homewood to check it out. Want to come?"
I had heard stories about this house from people I knew.  It was said that an old woman who raised a teenage girl would beat her and kill anyone who came near the house.  So, without a moment's thought I said, "Why not?"
Marlon and I planned to meet at his house around eight.  I rode my bike to his house and felt a cool misty breeze brush up against my face like a soft feather.  I felt a tremor go through me but thought nothing of it.  Marlon was standing outside his house waiting for me as I approached.  I quickly began to focus on him as I neared.  A noise of anger could be heard in the sky.  The world above started to become dark and gloomy.  I reached Marlon and we both examined the sky above us.  He said, "We better get going."
The clouds ran over the sun, and it became dark as a cave.  All the streetlights lit up like a group of fireflies at night.
The three of us headed out to our destination, the House of Hell.  We were nearing the house when I felt a cold drop of water splash on my nose and roll down my face.  I was shaking like a house during a California earthquake.
Before much time could pass, we were on the property of the House of Hell.  I asked Marlon what we should do. He told me to wait where I was, and he'd return shortly.  I waited with agitation for the Marlon's return.  
I felt a prickly touch on the back of my neck.  I turned around expecting to see Marlon, but it wasn't.  The blood all drained from my brain immediately, and my eyes enlarged like a lost puppy as I stared at the person in front me.  All she did was stare back at me.  Our eyes both locked to one another. My reaction was definitely one of surprise, and I had no idea why she was there.  I'd always see her in school and everywhere she went, I followed.  She was the first thing I thought of when I got up in the morning, and the last thing I thought of when I went to bed.  The wheels in my head started to turn, and I figured it out.  It was Marlon who planned all of this so I would have the courage to talk to her. So, what was I waiting for? My heart was ticking like a time bomb.  I couldn't just keep my mouth shut in front of this enchanting person for whom I cared so deeply.  I made the brave and courageous choice of speaking, "So, it's cold out here."
"Yes it is," she replied.  My heart beated faster at the disbelief that she actually replied. 
"So, you want to come inside?"
"Inside," I replied. 
"Yeah, well I figured it might be kind of cold out here, and it'd be best if we had a quiet and relaxing place to talk." I blinked twice and rubbed my eyes to decipher if I was alive or dreaming.  She repeated her statement.
"This is your house?" I responded in surprise.
"Yeah, me and my family just moved here.
"I accepted her invitation in a heartbeat, and we walked inside.  Her house that was presumed to be a house of hell was really nice. The walls were painted white and the entrance had a bright, crystal chandler hanging inside.  It looked like a good place where a masquerade party could be held.  I peered outside her window and saw Marlon's face appear through the darkness outside, and right beside him was his sister standing perfectly still like a statue. The two of them headed home. I could tell Marlon was proud of what he did and would never forget about it, as I would never either.
I guess it's true what they say, "We don't pick our best friends, they pick us." For the first time in my life, I felt free and happy.  I had no idea what was in store for me next, and personally I didn't care.  All I thought about was that very moment as it was taking place. I am proud to say that the two of us are still a couple and best friends, thanks to Marlon. I hope our future together will never end