"Tomorrow's Another Day"
by: Sean Powers
May 6, 2001

A boy sits down on the hot summer's ground,

His heart begins to pound.

He sees the girl of his dreams;

And she is sweeter than Krispy Kremes.

Her hair is breezing in the cool air;

This boy is trying not to stare.

Her eyes are prettier than shiny pearls.

Her skin is as soft as a pillow,

And she's gorgeous under the green willow.

With every bit of strength in his body,

He approaches her.

He compares music to her laughter.

When he gets to her he asks,

"Want to go see Return of the Goonies?"

Her response is, "Are you Looney?"

He starts to cry,

And feels like he's going to die.

He picks up his legs, and runs away,

And realizes that tomorrow's another day.