"Sweet November"
by: Sean Powers
November 25, 2001

It is now November 25,

And you are 17.

It is hard to believe that a year

Ago you were sweet 16.

It seems like yesterday

That I first met you.

After meeting you, I

Realized how lucky I was

To be friends with you.

So much has happened in the past year.

Some good, some bad,

But all memorable.

This year you lost a friend, and

Bathroom buddy, Snickers.

This year you gained some

Friends, The Three Stooges,

And gained stronger

Friendships with old friends.

I feel that I know you

More as a person as

Opposed to, "Tracey Cappetta,

The nice girl with a pretty face."

When I have had problems with

My other friends, you have

Been there to listen to my troubles

When I needed a second set of ears.

This year you found love,

As well as some heartbreak.

This year you got a job at the library.

This year you were in a play, The Reluctant Dragon.

This year you learned to drive a car,

And got a driver's license.

It is exciting to imagine

All the stuff that will happen in another year.