"Ready, Set, Go!"
by: Sean Powers
May 10, 2001

It is a fiery, dry tongued afternoon,

And many runners are lined up to take off like racecars very soon.

A cross-country race is about to take place.

A runner in the meet has nervousness written all over his sweaty face.

He stretches his muscles a bit so he'll be able to take off faster,

He pictures running the never-ending race with disaster.

He notices the tall man raising a black, shiny gun

To the hot, raging sun.

The world to the runner has begun to freeze.

He looks at the long path ahead that he has to seize.

Suddenly, he hears a click, than a heart-skipping BOOM!

The runners pick up their heavy feet and zoom.

Adrenalin pumps through his body faster than sound.

His heart starts to heavily pound.

He runs ahead of the fast crowd.

"Oh my God, I'm first!" he says

He suddenly feels the excruciating agony of thirst.

He grabs a cup held by one of the many people cheering.

The next mile begins nearing.

The gallant runner bursts into salty tears.

The cup he just drank was hot tea.

He screams, "Why me!"

And passes out on the hard ground,

With lots of screaming, ear popping sound.

Apparently, he won't make first place.

In spite of this tragic incident, he says grace.