"One Hell of a Day"
by: Sean Powers
May 26, 2001

One, hot, drenchy day I'm riding

My bike to school like I normally do.

Suddenly, bang a poweful jolt.

My whole body flies over the black,

Rubber handlebars.

I hear a crack, like a bone snap.

My mouth is full of red, warm blood.

I see a pearl-shaped object on the ground.

Sadly enough, it's a tooth from my mouth.

I'd be lying if I said it didn't hurt.

I feel dirty like a dusty vent.

My body is cut open, and bruised.

I look like a dead mut.

I'm rushed to the nurse's office.

I look down her dress,

And I feel fine.

I'm sent home on my merry way.

I say it's been a hell of a day.