"Ode to the Cow"
by: Sean Powers
Febuary 2001

The sun burns in the hot Arizona desert.

A herd of cattle are getting their hides burned.

A road comes through the desert ground,

In any which way, there is no sound.

A few long hours passed without any cars coming through;

And little does a cow know it; she will be having her last moo.

A cow from the farm escapes through the razor sharp gate

Protecting the farmland

Sadly enough, her guts will be in the sand.

The cow now as a cut in her chest from the razor sharp gate.

When she dies, she will not be able to mate.

The cow slowly wobbles to the middle of the road.

Would this cow be safer if she looked both ways before crossing?

Who knows?

A moment later a semi hits the cow.

It's a sight that would make anyone say, "Wow!"

Now it is time to say bye bye.

The semi driver stops in fright.

Suddenly, the cow's hooves fall from the sky

And break his front light.

Mutilated cow parts lay in the hot sand.

No one is there to give this cow a helpful hand.

Always look before you go,

So you won't have to say, "Oh no!"