Never Again
by Sean Powers
February 11, 2004

Driving in my car

Now alone

Listening to the music play away

Watch you walking into your house

I feel alone all of a sudden

You watch me drive away

Hopefully I’ll see you some other day.

Driving back home tonight.

Speed my wheels

On top of the world

Didn’t see that red light

Or that car to my right

Felt it slam into my side

The world spins around the end of my life.

You are home,

Sound and safe

I feel glass in my face,

Metal on my chest,

And remorse in my soul.

So glad you’re alive

So glad you’re not with me

As I lay in my car, bleeding

I hear the screams around.

Everything is quite.

Everything is different.

By now you’re asleep

I wonder what you’re thinking.

Can you feel my pain?

Wish I could have lived to see you, once more.

All I have is before.

Never again will I say I love you.

Never again will I kiss you.

Never again will I hold you tight.

Remember, I once was here.

Remember I died thinking of you.

Remember, you were the one...

...The one in my mind.

The one in my soul.

The one who meant the world to me.