The only way to express oneself truly, is through the use of words...
"Your Burden is Ours"-3/24/03
"Poetry is an orphan of silence. The words never quite equal the experience behind them." -Charles Simic
"Please Help Me"-7/14/03
"The Time for Reform in the Family"-6/8/03
"The Rising of Hope to Stop Fighting"-7/4/03
"Dancing in the Moonlight"-1/2/03
"Sweet November"-11/25/01
"Ready, Set, Go!"-5/10/01
"Mommy Dearest"-5/13/2001
"The Dead Beat"-4/29/01
"A Hard Day's Fly"-5/6/01
"Last Woman Standing"-5/9/01
"Ode to the Cow"-2/01
"One Hell of a Day"-5/26/01
"Tomorrow's Another Day"-5/6/01
"Great Balls of Fire"7/5/02
"Last Moments of Life"-3/14/02
"School's Out for the Summer"5/3/01
"A Lonely Waste Product"-3/14/02
"The Box"-8/14/03
"Shut Out Forever"-7/14/03
"There is a Room"-8/14/03
"Are you There?"-9/27/03
"Listen Up!"-9/27/03
"The Most Wonderful Feeling..."-10/2/03
"Two Worlds, Two Lives"-10/6/03
"See What I Am"-11/11/03
"My Confession"-12/2/03
"Waiting, Staying"-12/26/03
"3 Months"-2/2/04
"You; We"-1/19/04
"Always & Forever"-12/26/03
"All You"-12/28/03
"You and I"-1/29/04
"Call From You"-2/6/04
"Always Mine"-2/14/04
"Never Again"-2/11/04
"You For Me"-2/14/04
"That Seat Taken?"-1/21/04
"Never Forget"-5/2/04
"I'm Lost Again"-7/15/04
"Lost in Time"-7/18/04
"Deep Inside of Me"-7/19/04
"The Beach"-7/19/04
"All Over You"-7/19/04
"Down the Thread"-1/1/05