"Mommy Dearest"
by: Sean Powers
May 13, 2001

You brought me into this world.

You gave me life.

You let me buy a sharp, dangerous knife.

You are my mother.

You gave me milk.

You are as pretty as French silk.

You are my mother.

You like the gooey dead,

Surprise! Parry Como has just died.

You are my mother.

You like the taste of Coca Cola.

You are a full Pola,

And sweet as a Tootsie Rolla.

You are my mother.

You can sometimes be a little pushy,

But that's because you love me.

You are my mother,

The lady who brought me into this unsafe, crazy world.

You are the lady that exposed me to the true passion of movies.

You will send me into the real world as a man

Looking for a thrassion at life.

You are my mother that I love.