"Last Woman Standing"
by: Sean Powers
May 9, 2001

She's back stage ready to come out and act.

She's nervous and as still as a rusty, train track,

And knows that theirs no turning back.

She breathes slowly in and out,

So thirsty that her throat is experiencing a serious drought.

A few moments yet till she has to perform.

She watches the act before her go,

And wishes that performer wasn't her foe.

The act before her is now done,

And she's sure that her foe has already won.

Now it's time for her to step on stage in front of a large crowd.

When she has everyone's attention, she takes a trembling, small bow.

Then, with a bit of jitters left in her cold, clammy body,

She feels she has to go to the potty.

"No!" she says to herself,

She will not feel as little as an elf.

She begins to recite a passage from The Old Man and the Sea.

When she's done, she feels free.

"I did it." She says

She deserves a wow.

She then takes a proud, giant bow.

An old man stands up wearing a red fez.

He claps and whistles

Starting a chain reaction in the crowd,

Now she knows she did Hemingway proud.

She feels as powerful as twenty fiery missiles.

After that night, she feels she can accomplish anything.

Anything that's worth mentioning.