Hercules is believed to be the strongest and toughest Greek God. Some might consider Hercules a Greek Hero; others might consider him to be a Greek Tragedy. Nonetheless, he is recognized for his industrious strength and nobility. The most significant chapter of Hercules's life are the twelve strenuous labors he had to complete for King Eurystheus. The first labor mission Hercules was assigned to do was kill the invincible lion of Nemea. This lion was invincible and any weapon could not penetrate its skin. The only way to tame the beast was to kill it with bare hands. Hercules came across the beast in its cave. He hit his club over the lion's neck. No good, the club split in half. Then, Hercules jumped on the lion and broke its neck with his bare hands. This act had never been accomplished, and Hercules was recognized for completing his first labor by killing the beast. The next labor assigned to Hercules was one of great proportions. He was told to kill the nine-headed monster, Hydra of Lerna. When a head was hacked off from the monster, it would form a stub and then multiply into two heads. Hercules's first attack on the monster was chopping off all the heads with his sword, and what was expected came true. The monster developed eighteen heads. Hercules then shot an arrow covered with poison at the tip. Once the arrow stabbed the monster, it died almost immediately. This act was also recognized as a completed labor for Hercules. Over the course of several years, Hercules was told to perform certain labors that no man could perform, and he performed them. The final labor was one that was certain at the time that no man could possibly complete. No man except for Hercules. His final labor was to go to the underworld kingdom of Hades and capture Cerberus, a three-headed dog, beast, and bring him up to the world of the living. Hercules explained his situation to Hades, and Hades agreed to let Hercules take the dogs on one condition. He had to fight the dogs with his bare hands. After a long, and what seemed to be a never-ending fight; the dogs gave up in fighting Hercules. He was able to bring the dogs to his world. Hercules lived a life of fame and popularity for the years to come. He sought more adventures, and met new people. Hercules later died and joined the Gods in heaven where Zeus granted him invincibility.