"Great Balls of Fire"
by: Sean Powers
July 5, 2002

The giant ball flares.

Mushy sweat drips down her flesh.

The old woman breathes.

She can see the face

Of death shinning over her as

It descends through the

Boiling air swiftly.

The old woman prays with all

Her strength for a miracle

But it is no use

As she sweats her energy

Bit by bit from her

Fragile body.

She wishes she bought air conditioning.

Her body is reeking,

And she can barely

Move her fingers as white foamy

Saliva dribbles

Down her mouth and onto

Her bed sheets.  Her voice is shot,

And she cannot call for help.

A light flashes  

In her vision from playing with her

Sisters as a child.

This is the end of

The elderly woman. She

Is one of many lost souls.