"Down the Thread"
by Sean Powers
January 1, 2005

From the tip of the grape vine

To the bottom of the sea.

I have seen your love

Do great things to me.

It hurts me when we fight

It hurts me when we don’t speak,

But the fact is no matter what comes

Between us, I know we are meant to be.

Take this poem as an invitation to my heart.

Let it sink in, and be the answer to all

Your problems with me. 

I love your new hair.

I love your new personalities.

I love the way you can laugh off

The awkward moments.

I love your generosity.

I love your laugh (it is the best).

I want us to see the other forever

Whether it’s in person or in our dreams.

It’s never going to be the end,

Just the beginning every time.