"A Hard Day's Fly"
by: Sean Powers
May 6, 2001

On a warm, vanilla afternoon, a tsetse fly begins to rise.

Knowing that he'll only live a day, he leaps to the sky.

He buzzes through a park, and sees a dainty woman delivering a sermon.

The fly soars through the clear air.

He sucks some of her blue, fresh blood.

She passes out in the mud.

The fly then approaches a young boy.

The boy sees the fly and says, "Ahoy."

The boy opens his mouth towards the fly.

Now it's time for the fly to die.

The boy opens his mouth and captures the fly.

He begins to chew, and then turns blue.

The boy slouches over with a masticated fly rolling around in his trap.

The boy, about to puke says, "Oh crap!"

The fly lived, killed, earned his eternal nap.